Sun Optics PLC
was established in 1993 by Mr. Berhane Abraha and is known to provide a one stop shop optical service which includes eye care services and dispensing outlet. It is equipped with advanced optical sales equipment and production management system. Customers are assured of best and fastest services.
Sun Optical Technologies PLC
started on 1997, as the pioneer on manufacturing ophthalmic lens in Ethiopia. SOT as an ophthalmic lens manufacturer and distributor of frames has grown very fast since the last decade. It has been known for introducing the newest technology in eye care and providing the widest range of products in the country led by our experienced Indian Production Manager, makes sure to give the best accuracy possible to our products. SOT wants to reach out to all people to keep their eyes healthy through regular eye check-up and to the 35% (35M) to provide vision correction products (eyeglasses: frames +lens and its accessories).
What makes Sun Optics different as an optical shop is the availability of generic lenses and kodak lenses with fog id and authenticity card, frames - 2.5 NVG, house brands, Molsion, Bolon and Rayban; caters to all kind of customers from bottom of the pyramid to high end consumer; availability of diagnostics machines that could help clinicians / optometrists and ophthalmologists evaluate and diagnose early detection of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration, and Cataract.

Our Partner
2017 is seen as a historical year at Sun Optical Technologies Plc. as the company is starting a new franchise business model, still through the trade name “Sun Optics”, with a strategic partnership with Essilor International, the World’s leader for optical solutions.
This strategic partnership with Essilor International will enable Sun Optical Technologies Plc to widen his range of lenses and produce even more qualitative products, covering the market from entry level products to high-end branded products like Rayban, Gucci, Oakley and the like.



We envision being the number one choice in Ethiopia on eye care services and products through Franchisees.


Sun Optical Technologies PLC is committed to providing the highest quality and wide range of products and efficient services with our state of the art facilities and eye care services and gives our customers the best value for money to enhance the Ethiopian peoples’ life.


In order for us to achieve our stated vision and mission we base our actions and activities on the following values: Commitment to the Highest Ethical Standards, Quality and Professionalism Outstanding Customer Service Best Value for Money Proximity Innovation Competitive Spirit Dedication to Raise Awareness on Eye Care Solution Teamwork in all our employees