October 11 is World Sight Day, a day to celebrate vision and raise awareness about the importance of what is widely considered the most important of our five senses. Make sure you join in local activities and help us share key messages with those around you, wherever you are.

Poor vision is the world’s number one unaddressed disability, as 2.5 billion people worldwide still lack access to vision care. In line with our Essilor Group mission of improving lives by improving sight, our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of good vision for all - via one overarching message: “We all share the same world, shouldn’t we share the same vision?”

This year, we are putting a special focus on the crucial link between good vision and road safety - an area where poor vision has critical consequences.

So that, together, we can address these issues, we count on you to get involved and share our messages.

Visit our dedicated website: PutVisionFirst.com, where you will be able to test your vision, and learn more about how you and your friends and family can protect your eyes by keeping three simple habits top of mind at all times, whether you drive a car, ride a motorbike, cycle or get around on foot: so;

Get regular eye checks Protect your eyes
from glare
Wear appropriate glasses